Susan Clarke

I’m inspired by: how huge and diverse the world is! I love to travel. Visiting new places, experiencing new cultures and indulging in local food and wine are some of the best parts of my life. Being able to share the experience with my children makes it even more special — everything but the wine, of course!

Before m5 I was just cartwheeling through life. Seriously though, in a way, I feel like there is no before m5. It’s been a huge part of my life. I do have fuzzy memories of going to university and working with a provincial government department, though.

Since m5 I have fallen in love with this crazy, wonderful industry. The camaraderie within the team, the collaborative environment, even the high pressure and tight deadlines; it’s all part of it! What has stayed with me over time, though, is the clients I get to know, and the satisfaction I get from contributing to their success.

Outside of m5 I entertain my family and friends by cooking and hosting parties. I also indulge in retail therapy just a smidge too often.

Susan Clarke - Partner