Jane Harrington

Senior Media Strategist

Started at m5: 2001 (with a couple of years off)

I’m inspired by: warm evenings and beautiful sunsets at my family’s summer house in Eastport.

Before m5 I completed my university degree and spent one year working towards a professional accounting designation. Once deciding that career path was not for me I was lucky to land a senior job in M5’s Media Department. At M5 Media I was still able to work with big budgets and numbers but in a much more interesting and creative way. My career so far has been pretty much all m5; a testament to my love for developing media strategy getting results!

Since m5 I have placed hundreds of millions of dollars of media; all types in many different markets. I have worked on almost all of M5’s clients over the past 15 years with countless people in all of M5’s locations. My relationships with some media sales reps have become friendships that will last a lifetime. There are so many facets of media from the development of the plan to the negotiation and buying process and I have been fortunate to become an expert in all of them. Every client requires something different and each plan is unique which keeps the job very interesting. And with all the changes in the digital landscape and new media opportunities to investigate there is always something new to explore.

Outside of m5 I love to spend time with my family and friends. I have three children; Maria, Sarah and Matthew who keep me very busy. I also enjoying hiking, dancing, cooking, gardening, entertaining, and the list goes on…..

Jane Harrington