Heather Dalton


Started at m5: 1998

I’m inspired by: I take inspiration from the power that one person can have to change a life. I see this everyday in the work I do with Team Broken Earth in Haiti. It reinforces for me that everyone can make the choice to step outside the busyness of day-to-day life to effect real change for someone else. One of our team doctors once said “we aren’t here to change the world, we are here to change someone’s world.” That is what I will be teaching my kids to strive for in life. (click here to check out the story of Jonathan, the little boy in my inspiration pic – it will make you both cry and smile)

Before m5 I was in university. I had always wanted to be a lawyer, but when I did a marketing concentration in business school for my undergraduate I knew that I wanted to work in advertising. When I graduated I was determined to find a job in the ad business and luckily m5 hired me. 17 years later, I am so glad I made the decision to follow what I really wanted to do.

Since m5 I have had a number of different positions across the company. I worked on our largest account for over ten years and moved from account executive through to account manager, director and then VP. During that time, I also moved to our Moncton office from St. John’s. I was given the opportunity to lead client work throughout North America and as a result, I travelled a lot and learned a lot. I can’t think of a better foundation for working in marketing and communications. As our industry switched from analog to digital, however, I felt that I wanted to be part of that transformation. I took my marketing insight and layered over that digital education and training (something I am thankful that m5 supported!). I served as President of m5 interactive, a sister company to m5 back in St. John’s, until we melded the two companies under m5 marketing communications. Today, I am Executive VP, Operations and oversee our media and digital divisions, as well ensuring the delivery of the m5 way throughout our organization.

Outside of m5 I I am Molly and William’s mom. They have such enthusiasm for everything and really diverse interests. So… I can frequently be found at the dance studio, the theatre, the hockey rink, the music concert hall, the swimming pool and the ball field. My husband and I have become avid cheerleaders (he has learned to appreciate dance and I have finally learned all the rules in hockey). In our spare time, we like to do family hikes, bike rides, campfires, movies and just spend time together ‘round da bay. Because in the words of the Beatles, “All you need is love”.

Heather Dalton