Andy Ploughman

Creative Director

Started at m5: 2003

I’m inspired by: hiking and find it almost impossible to resist going well off the trail to see what I can find. A hidden beach, an old ruin, a carpet of wild mushrooms… You become a child on a treasure hunt and it’s always exciting.

“It is not down in any map; true places never are.” — Herman Melville

“Oh, here we go again. There’s no way I’m following you…” — Andy’s Spouse

Before m5 I worked at an ice cream factory, ran a small marketing agency and produced a TV pilot.

Since m5 I helped ban smoking in public places, reduce our province’s green house gas emissions, and make people safer at work. I’m kinda like the Gandhi of advertising.

Outside of m5 I hike, bike, run and try to nurture things to grow despite the mid-August frost warnings we sometimes get in Newfoundland.

Andy Ploughman