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Being creative with a, fun, unusual or world-changing company or product is easy. But let’s face it, not every company or product can be the next iPod. It’s when you take the mundane and make it amazing, when you turn the ordinary into the extraordinary; that’s when our creative services team really show their creative chops.

Many people think they’re creative; all agencies will tell you they’re more creative than everyone else. m5 won’t tell you how creative we are; we’ll show you. Just look at our work.

We believe that marketing is about stories – and everyone has a story to tell. Our job is to make people understand your story, and to believe in it. We do that by getting to know you, your culture, your products, and your “why.” We don’t create until we comprehend. It’s a left brain/right brain kind of thing.

How do we do it? We have a team that gathers the knowledge that becomes the inspiration for your campaigns. They pass it on to our experienced, knowledgeable creative staff, a staff that’s large enough to support multiple, large-scale campaigns at any time.

We have expert resources across a wide variety of mediums including television, digital video, rich media, social media, radio, print, events, web design, and more. They have expertise in their particular discipline and are capable and fluent in all major current programs and devices. They can handle all of your creative services needs.

We have artists, copy writers, and designers. We have full in-house technical production capabilities – and a dedicated team of professionals— including an editor, sound producer, manager/producer and administration.

They all pull together to push the creative envelope.

We can do it all. But what we don’t do is creative for creative’s sake. For us, this isn’t about awards, it’s not about ego. Everything we create is created with the objective of meeting your needs, helping your business grow, and getting you to reach your marketing goals. Everything we do is all about you.

How can our creative help you?

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