Brand Development

Brand Strategy

Your brand is more than your image; it’s more than your colors, your fonts, or your logo. Brand is an intangible; however, done right it adds very tangible value to your business. We specialize in brand development. And brand strategy is how you get there.

What is a brand strategy? For us, developing your brand strategy is both a love affair and a burden. Our modus operandi is to do a deep dive strategic assessment of a client’s business and take a hard look at their marketing challenges. In other words, we make sure we understand you, your environment, your competitors, and what makes you special.

It’s what defines us: We are inspired by understanding.

Your brand is who you are, what you do, how you do it, what your customers think you are, and how those things meet at a point of differentiation. We develop a brand plan that is a bespoke platform tailored to each client using our own proprietary brand development process.

Brand Development

Through consultation, review, and analysis, we will define your business into six short, easy-to-understand ideas that summarize what makes you who you are:

Brand Architecture: The relationship between your main brand and any sub-brands, supporting brands and programs that you have.

Brand Vision: A tangible statement about where you are and where you want to be based on the company’s objectives.

Brand Positioning: There are dozens of definitions floating around, we try to capture it simply – it’s how people talk about you.

Brand Pillars: Brand pillars are definitive, factual pieces of proof that support why your brand positioning is true.

Brand Personality: Your personality is a snapshot of how your brand behaves — its tone, its voice, and who it would be if it were a person.

Brand Promise: The promise is a distilled statement of what your brand will always deliver… what it will be famous for.

Michael Pickard, our Senior Vice President of Strategy & Branding explains our approach to brand strategy in more detail in “Brand is Not a Dirty Word.” Check out Our Work to see real-life examples of our brand strategy at work.

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