Members First Credit Union

Brand Reposition

Members First Credit Union

As one of the smallest financial institutions in southern New Hampshire, Members First Credit Union struggled to differentiate itself in a market saturated with national and large regional banks. Its “Small Enough to Make a Big Difference” brand message had not resonated, so there was little brand recognition or perception of the credit union within the market.


We felt that the tagline had a lot of potential, but it needed to be repositioned in a manner that better communicated its benefit to the target audiences. In other words, what does it mean to be “small enough to make a big difference” and how does that benefit me?


Working off the reality that Members First is committed to making a difference in the lives of each of its members and the community, we personalized the brand by creating a miniature superhero-type character. Using action headlines and superhero poses, the character is presented in a variety of settings where she is protecting the member’s best interests.


The campaign has been well received throughout the market with membership and loan numbers trending upward. It has also proven popular among employees by giving them a brand persona that they can identify with.