Keene State College


Keene State College Yield Campaign

Past the midway point of its recruitment cycle, Keene State was lagging behind its target pace for applications. This meant that in order to meet the target enrollment of first-year students, the school needed to significantly increase the yield among accepted applicants – and do so in a short period of time.


Realizing that we did not have time to develop a full campaign, we worked with the college to identify opportunities where we could make existing budgets and creative assets work harder with more targeted and sophisticated recruitment marketing tactics.


The target audience was established and already interested in the school. Our job was to build a campaign that reinforced the positives that appealed to them while emphasizing that Keene State provides best opportunity for them to thrive and succeed both in school and after school.


The resulting yield was 7% higher than the school’s previous best year while the average GPA was 0.2 points higher than the previous year. There was also a marked decline in attrition among first-year students from previous years.