Acadia University


Acadia University

Nationally, enrollment continues to gravitate to bigger universities, and away from small liberal arts universities like Acadia. Students and parents are increasingly inclined to choose professional schools where prospects for employment after graduation are perceived as better. With the height of the application season approaching, time was not on our side. m5 needed to move quickly to articulate a new brand from Acadia and get to market to support student recruitment.


At a time in the Canadian university sector in which bigger is better, and the gravity of big universities seem to rule the day, there is this gem on the east coast that proudly stands as an antidote to this national trend. But because it is out-of-sight, it is out-of-mind for many people, yet it would be the perfect option for those special people who value an intimate and enriching education. So how do we make Acadia known, revered and sought among this unique audience?


Acadia is a place where you grow not only intellectually, but as a person. It is a place devoted to helping its students see, discover and unleash their potential for great things. It’s in you; Acadia will help you unleash it and Grow Exponentially. We brought the new brand to potential students through a highly targeted and personalized, digital campaign. Based on the content viewed and actions of the potential student we served a tailored messages and content to steward the potential student towards applying.


The results exceeded all key performance indicators for the campaign. The number of applications increased dramatically in one year, up 31% within Canada. There was an overall 25% increase in first year enrollment!