Our Philosophy

Inspired by Understanding

Our Philosophy

At m5 we dig deep to gain a full understanding of our clients’ products, business and objectives. Down to the bedrock, through conversations, observation and primary and secondary research. Like building a house, the foundation is key. Our foundation is understanding.

We use this understanding to inspire our teams and to measure their work. Creativity without a strategy to judge it against is folly. Digital innovations for the sake of novelty are a waste of clients’ finite budgets. At m5, our cross-functional teams are inspired to create great work, but all within a strategic discipline. That’s what keeps varied functions like creative, development, and digital media all working toward the same goal.

Inspired by Understanding is the core of what m5 stands for. It is why we exist, and why we have grown from a small business to an international agency with over 140 employees. It’s also why we continue to evolve and create innovative work that gets results.

The m5 Way

Our Process

Working in tandem with our philosophy is our codified and proprietary process for creating a strategic foundation for our work. If Inspired by Understanding is our heart, the m5 Way is our brain. It is a step-by-step roadmap that takes us from discovery and analysis through strategy, planning and creative development, to arrive at an inspired solution that meets our client’s business objectives.

The m5 Way actually starts with stopping. We stop, take a step back and go deep into the details until we truly understand the challenge before us. This search is the solid foundation of the Way and leads us to insight. Creatively presented insight ignites the brand strategy and is the spark that sets the machine in motion.