Michael Pickard

Senior Vice President, Strategy & Branding

Started at m5: 2011

I’m inspired by: nifty words, cunning chess openings, geographical anomalies, and crafty solutions to precarious problems.

Before m5 I was that curious kid. My favourite book was the atlas. I used to make fat cash teaching other kids how to solve the Rubik’s Cube. I used to write both code and codes, and I always needed to know the rules for everything. As a strategist, I’m just a bearded version of my young self. Picking at stuff, solving enigmas, rearranging things until they are amazing.

Since m5 I work with clients to help simplify the complicated. Sometimes, in order to do that, you have to start by making business problems even more complicated. That could mean adding new information, talking to people who really know what they are doing, and plumping up the mound of data, before you can thrash it down to something inspiring. I write a strategy as if I were a copywriter crafting a poster — each word matters and is chosen with great care.

Outside of m5 I am not quite as colossal a nerd. I cook like a fool, beg for sunshine so I can sneak in a haphazard round of golf, and pretend to know nuances about fine wine. OK, OK, I also do crosswords and play chess and have a ridiculously stout collection of books on puzzling, trivia, language, and other odd miscellany.


Michael Pickard