Meagan Campbell


Started at m5: 2017

I’m inspired by: stories, stories, stories. Maybe that’s cliché for a writer, but no matter the medium I am fascinated by stories. As a kid, that meant reading every word in sight. Now, I still read constantly, but I get a lot of inspiration from talking to people and hearing their stories face-to-face. It’s a big world, and stories are the only real tool we have to understand it!

Before m5 I spent nine years doing my undergrad degree (yes, nine). I went from studying pharmacy to commerce to biology, before taking some time off and realizing I was always meant to be a student of the arts. While I was figuring all that out, I spent about a dozen years working in the hospitality industry where I held just about every entry-level position at least once. Oh, and I used to do other cool stuff, like being an ABA Home Therapist and running the Student Volunteer Bureau at MUN.

Since m5 I keep pinching myself to make sure I’m not dreaming. After my turbulent undergrad years, joining the m5 team feels like winning a marathon (not that I’d know – I’ve never won any marathons). Working among the incredible people here and putting my strengths to good work doing things I’m proud of? Yeah, I don’t think the pinching is going to stop anytime soon.

Outside of m5 I read books, write words, seek out lively conversations, shoot the occasional hoop, volunteer when I can, explore the world, and do it all while hanging out with my awesome partner and toddler.

Meagan Campbell