Karla Hayward

Interactive and Social Strategist

Started at m5: 2005

I’m inspired by: food! I love to grow and prepare all sorts of things for my family and friends. We even bottled homemade maple syrup this year. Yum!

Before m5 I was a bit of a tumbleweed. First I sold art at a gallery, learning the importance of understanding your customer while surrounded by beautiful paintings. Then I worked with a small publishing company, where I first got a taste of mass marketing and planning. Concurrent with both these roles, I wrote for a number of publications, mostly about arts and entertainment, and began to really hone my writing skills. Then it was on to m5!

Since m5 I have worked with almost every client on our roster. I help develop websites, social media, online advertising, and experiential programs that get the message out in a resonant way. I love that my job requires me to stay up-to-date with all emerging technologies and trends, and that I get to pass that knowledge along to others. The immediacy of digital programs is exhilarating for me. Seeing a client’s content generate a response in real time, being able to track those interactions, and take away data-based learning is so, so gratifying.

Outside of m5 I am a wannabe homesteader. When I’m not spending time with the family I’m either working in the garden or creating in the kitchen. I spend as much time volunteering as I am able, and in the remaining moments, I read wacky, well-written fiction. It’s the simple life for me!

Karla Hayward