Jason Knights

Director of Client Services

Started at m5: 2016

I’m inspired by: Travel. While New Hampshire is a great place to live, it is a miniscule piece of the world. So it’s important to get out and see new places and meet new people. Nothing against Disney at all (I used to live in Orlando), but I’m proud that our kids had visited 12 countries before we went there.

Before m5 I earned a BS in Management from Keene State College and an MBA from Southern NH University before the rest of the country went there. The running joke is that NH doesn’t have a ton of agencies, but I’ve worked at most of them. I want to constantly be challenged, so I really enjoy the diversity of work that agency life provides. Much of my previous background is in digital marketing and web development as well as strategic development.

Since m5 I am responsible for our US accounts and manage the Manchester office. The really cool thing about is that since there are only a couple of us, we really have to work together and support each other. I’ve been able to draw on the full breadth of my experience to make sure our clients succeed.

Outside of m5 I love skiing, hiking, playing golf, working in the yard, or trying to fix whatever it is that inevitably just broke in our 150 year old house.

Jason Knights