Woodstock Inn Brewery


Woodstock Inn Brewery

Becoming a love brand: The brand and the company were doing fine, but it was getting harder and harder to differentiate from competitors in all of the markets – lodging, food and craft beer – and just putting them under one name with not enough consistency wasn’t working. We needed a simple message to show a larger audience how interesting and awesome Woodstock is without some kind of fake sell out image.


Woodstock Inn and Station is more than just an inn. It will always be a little off-kilter and that’s why people love tem. They are not a division of some larger company. They are not just an inn or a restaurant or a beer. They are a part of your heritage, and a throwback to good times.


Woodstock Inn and Station is authentic, lovable, and quirky. It’s about as different from a resort or condo complex as you can get. There is nothing fake, nothing slick – just smiley goodness. There is something nostalgic and throwback about it. It reminds people of the good old days. People think of Woodstock and smile.


The new branding, tagline and logo were activated on the website, digital ads, social media, retail products and videos. The new brand has been well-received and embraces by both customers and the Woodstock Inn team. Room bookings are up, the event space is booked solid, and beer sales continue to grow.

Woodstock Inn & Brewery