Plymouth State University


Plymouth State University

The university’s uniqueness had not been well articulated in the past, and as a result, it was not perceived as different from the many other options in the region. Enrollment was in decline and there were lingering negative perceptions about some aspects of the university. We needed to change some of the perceptions about the university and present it as an option to new audiences.


The Clusters Model implemented by the new President offered a unique foundation of rational messaging, when paired with the more emotional aspects of the scenic location and small town experience. The combination of uncovering the special nature of the location and combining it with the clusters model was the driver for the new brand essence.


For the right student, Plymouth State offers the ideal university experience. The interdisciplinary approach of the Clusters Model enables students to build their own program to suit who they are, and who they want to be. All in a supportive university environment, surrounded by nature and the mountains. The perfect combination of nature and nurture that allows you to See Further Up Here.


m5 activated the differentiated brand through a new website and highly digital campaign, along with an engaging mailer for the acceptance package. The results surprised us all! Undergraduate campaign conversions increased 206 percent. Graduate campaign conversions increased 152 percent. Inquiries doubled and initiated applications increased 22 percent. The result? A record breaking class of 1,300 freshmen!